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Special Considerations for the Dental Professional in Managing Patients with Diabetes

Maria Emanuel Ryan DDS, PhD

Diabetes Mellitus affects over 20 million Americans. This presentation will summarize the evidence relating periodontal disease to diabetes mellitus. Treatment strategies that can positively impact the periodontal condition in patients with diabetes and potentially improve on overall health will be discussed based on published studies and case presentations.

Learning objectives:

  • Understand the bi-directional link between diabetes and periodontitis;
  • Understand how periodontal therapy can improve diabetic control;
  • Recognize the role of dental care providers as a member of the team of healthcare providers who provide optimal care to people with diabetes.

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Diagnostic and Therapeutic Strategies for the Management of the Diabetic Patient

Presenter Disclosure: Dr. Maria Ryan received an honorarium from Colgate-Palmolive to compensate for the time involved preparing and giving this presentation.

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